K. Daniel Riew, MD

Director of cervical spine surgery at New York-Presbyterian/Allen


January 18 | 2016
Dr. Riew is considered among the top cervical spine surgeons in the world. His contributions exceed patient care into teaching other surgeons modern cervical spine surgery. I would trust him not only with my patient, but also with me, should I require cervical... MORE

November 09 | 2015
Daniel Riew, MD is 'The Cervical Spine Maestro.' He has transformed Cervical Spine Surgery into an art form. His impact on spine surgeons worldwide has been phenomenal. If ever my very own neck needs surgical help, Dan would surely be my... MORE

April 22 | 2015
Professor Riew is by far the best cervical spine surgeon in the world and defies all comparison in the surgical management of cervical spine disorders. He has an extremely high reputation even in European and Asian countries and has been invited to educate cervical spine surgeons in these areas several hundred... MORE