K. Daniel Riew, MD

Director of cervical spine surgery at New York-Presbyterian/Allen


February 15 | 2018
Dr. Riew was highly recommended to me by a close friend who was a spine surgeon, also. Since then, Dr. Riew has operated on my wife, sister-in-law, and nephew—all with excellent results. I would choose him, if I were to need cervical spine surgery, as my first and only... MORE

January 07 | 2018
A teacher with an in depth knowledge in his field, a mentor always ready to guide and motivate, a surgeon with excellent skills and finesse and, above all, a human I would want to emulate! Having travelled and visited surgeons across the globe, I feel that, in the domain of cervical spine, Dr. Riew is the... MORE

January 03 | 2018
There is no doubt that Dan Riew, MD is the best cervical spine surgeon there is currently. Besides being a great friend, he has a great devotion to share his knowledge through a variety of educational activities around the world for the benefit of a lot of surgeons and... MORE

January 02 | 2018
Dr. Riew is a top renowned cervical spine surgeon. He may be the only one who only does cervical spine surgery in the entire world. His specialization and professionalism have won him the respect and admiration of many young physicians. He is the first-choice physician for those who need cervical spine... MORE

December 14 | 2017
Thank you for providing a stellar patient... MORE

December 09 | 2017
I met Dr. Riew more than 15 years through his cervical spine publications. He has always been a reliable reference. His speeches in conferences always surprise the audience very positively by adding quality and elegance. Indisputably he is one of the best specialists worldwide in this... MORE

February 03 | 2017
Dr. Dan Riew is a great teacher, whose contribution to spine surgery in the Middle East is enormous. We had the honor to host him in our spine meeting in Qatar. He is very humble and provides excellent care and support to his patients and his team, as well as surgeons all over the... MORE

October 10 | 2016
Dr. Riew is the most specialized surgeon for cervical spine surgery that I have ever met in the world. He has been my kind and respected teacher for ten years and has instructed me to become one of the most specialized cervical spine surgeons in China. As a leader and former President of Cervical Spine Research Society, Dr. Riew has been a Creative, Specialized, Respected and Successful (CSRS) surgeon for thousands of cervical spine patients.... MORE

July 23 | 2016
Dr. Dan Riew is an authority in the field of Cervical Spine Surgery whose expertise, knowledge, clinical acumen and surgical skills are recognized worldwide. He has many original contributions, which are published and cited widely in international journals. His surgical skills attract patients from all over the world and I am personally aware of numerous complex cases from this part of the world successfully treated by him.... MORE

May 10 | 2016
My time visiting Dr. Riew was a great chance for me to meet and learn from him. It had a great impact on my practice. He is a great spine surgeon and he will have an impact on the future generations of neuro and ortho... MORE