K. Daniel Riew, MD

Director of cervical spine surgery at New York-Presbyterian/Allen

Dr. Riew Is the Most Specialized Surgeon for Cervical Spine Surgery I Have Met

October 10 | 2016

Dr. Riew is the most specialized surgeon for cervical spine surgery that I have ever met in the world. He has been my kind and respected teacher for ten years and has instructed me to become one of the most specialized cervical spine surgeons in China. As a leader and former President of Cervical Spine Research Society, Dr. Riew has been a Creative, Specialized, Respected and Successful (CSRS) surgeon for thousands of cervical spine patients. Dr. Riew has also been a CSRS (Creative, Specialized, Respected and Successful) instructor for hundreds of peers all over the world.

  • Hongxing Shen, MD, PhD
    • Chief of Cervical Spine Surgery & Professor of Orthopedic Surgery
    • Chairman of Spine Surgery
    • Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine
    • The Renji Hospital