K. Daniel Riew, MD

Director of cervical spine surgery at New York-Presbyterian/Allen

Dr. Riew Is Widely Considered to Be the Top Cervical Spine Surgeon in the World

April 24 | 2018

Dr. Riew is widely considered to be the top cervical spine surgeon in the world. He has greatly impacted the care and treatment of all kinds of cervical spine patients and has had a leading role in educating the next generation of both Orthopedic and Neurosurgical spine surgeons. He has also been sharing his experience with not only US spine surgeons but also spine surgeons worldwide. He is a globally well-known best surgeon and teacher.

  • Yu SUN, MD
    • Chief Specialist Spine Surgeon
    • Associate Professor of Orthopedic Surgery
    • Head of Cervical Section
    • Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
    • Institute of Spine Surgery
    • Peking University Third Hospital
    • Beijing, China; Monterrey, N.L. México