K. Daniel Riew, MD

Director of cervical spine surgery at New York-Presbyterian/Allen

Dr. Riew Is Considered Among the Top Cervical Spine Surgeons in the World

January 18 | 2016

Dr. Riew is considered among the top cervical spine surgeons in the world. His contributions exceed patient care into teaching other surgeons modern cervical spine surgery. I would trust him not only with my patient, but also with me, should I require cervical surgery.

  • Abdulrazzaq Alobaid MD. FRCSC.
    • Chief of spine surgery — Kuwait
    • Chairman of Kuwait Spine Society
    • Chief of Orthopedic Casualties, Alrazi Hospital — Kuwait
    • Chairman of Faculty Orthopedics & Post Graduate Training 
    • (KIMS) Kuwait Institute for Medical Specialization